tratament homeopat

stie cineva de aceasta medicatie?

About Leucotin
Leucotin is a natural medicine formulated specifically to cure Vitiligo on a permanent basis. Leucotin comes in an easy to take form and is consumed orally through the mouth.
Leucotin is manufactured under the strict guidelines of the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States, recognized as an official compendium in the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act since it was enacted in 1938.

Composition of Leucotin:
Ingredient Name Dilution
Echinacia D4 + 40C
Ars Suf Flav D10 + 100C
Chaulmoogra D10 + 100C
Hydrocotyle D2 + 20C
Psoralia D1 + 10C

No contra-indications are established.
Adult: 15 drops
Childeren: 7 drops
To be taken twice daily. Dilute drops in to some water and drink normally.
Treatment Period:
Two to three months depending upon severity of condition.

vad ca are echinaceea…imunostimulentele erau contraindicate in tratarea vitiligo din cate stiu eu…
oricum e medicament homeopat deci poti lua si CU CREDINTA se vindeca :slight_smile: